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Make information easy to access using mixed reality

Work Instructions in mixed reality

Imagine a world of horizontal mobility where mixed reality work instructions enable anyone in your organization to complete complex tasks with ease.

Error reduction

Make the desired result the default, rather than the exception by letting mixed reality guide your operator through complex tasks step by step

Increased efficiency

Reduce time spent on locating a component or a task by guiding your operators visually

Horizontal mobility

Simple step-by-step mixed reality work instructions enable anyone in your organization to complete complex tasks with ease



Reduce downtime with hands-free access to reference materials, and complete digital checklists. Step-by-step instructions in field of view enable junior techs to close the skill gap


Enable knowledge transfer through on-the-job, step-by-step instructions that are dynamically collected and presented to the worker’s line-of-sight, increasing their learning curve averages over traditional training means


Use smart glasses to perform inspections faster by eliminating the need to switch between the job and traditional manuals. Reduce downtime with step-by-step instructions projected directly onto equipment


Boost assembly speed by displaying location of components to be installed directly to the operators field of view

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Mixed Reality App Design: Best Practices 2

This article continues the breakdown of best design practices for an enterprise app on Microsoft HoloLens based on its most impressive publicly released product, Fragments. The first post of this article discussed two key areas of design: efficient user inputs and designing around technical limitations. This final second part will discuss the location awareness of your app, and interactions only possible in […]

Mixed Reality App Design: Best Practices 1

This article focuses on best design practices for developing an enterprise app on Microsoft HoloLens. Since most significant design advances of recent years in Mixed Reality have been made behind “closed doors” (ie. in custom projects using proprietary technologies), the publicly available app that best showcases the capabilities and design principles for HoloLens is Fragments, a “detective experience” […]

Testing Magic Leap One

Magic Leap, founded in 2010, has been described as one of the most secretive startups. Before the announcement of Magic Leap One at the end of 2017 only a handful of very high quality videos had been launched alongside incredible promises from marketing. Operose Labs managed to get a pair of Magic Leap One glasses […]

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