About Operose

Operose Labs Ltd has been developing B2B mixed reality solutions since 2016. Currently we are focused on building a platform for mixed reality work instructions to increase efficiency and reduce human error in industrial operations. Operose belongs to Mobi Solutions group that gathers several successful tech companies in Estonia. As of this point, we are the only provider for B2B mixed reality software in the Baltics.

Meet the team

We are a forward-thinking team, making it easy to work with us, so that businesses could raise the efficiency of their workers .


Christer Loob

Co-founder & CEO

Christer has a background in computer science and more specifically computer vision and machine learning. Before becoming an entrepeneur, he worked in Intelligent Computer Vision research group in University of Tartu where he got access to excellent people and knowledge along with the idea to start a company. Christer believes that augmented reality will be the next big impact technology across the human experience.

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Erich Loob


Erich has a background in engineering. Being a student in Estonian Aviation Academy before founding Operose, he educated himself in software development and electronics. Erich gives incredibly valuable engineering, product design and development input to the team. Being tech-savvy and having great interest in business development, he contributes greatly in coming up with world changing ideas.

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Märt Lume

Product Manager

Märt has 10+ years of experience in producing high-quality enterprise and entertainment software. With background in business administration, game design and project management, his proudest roles include being the first and longest-time employee of the company that became Slack, and building a top-grade enterprise product from the ground in 2 years. Märt is as excited as can be about making clients significantly more productive by building tools to enhance their realities.

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Chief Happiness Officer

Baxter is the newest addition to the family. Baxter is an expert in greeting our partners and customers, and leaving them in the happier mood.

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