Smart Instructions.

Help your people make the most of their day by providing intuitive work instructions



Feel like paper based manuals are not enough?

Go Paperless

Take a step towards going paperless. Smart instructions are interactive, they can be updated remotely, interlinked, viewed in 3D spaces, and are always at hand on any popular mobile device including smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses.

Improve performance

Traditional manuals lack context and can overwhelm a new employee with information that might not even be relevant for the task at hand. ARWI helps you guide your people through complex tasks using engaging instructions that adapt to their current situation.

Gain Insight

Tracking your employee performance with paper is quite a task. Smart instructions from ARWI will provide you with a simple visual interface to keep track of individual and median completion times. This helps you gain insight into your current process efficiency and identify bottlenecks.

How does it work?

We help you digitalize your manuals in three simple steps.

01 / Import

Import existing instructions PDF

03 / Deploy

Scale and distribute world-wide

02 / Convert

Convert to smart instructions with ARWI


Use cases


As employee turnover in manufacturing and servicing is on the rise, we need more efficient and automated means of training. Interactive step-by-step instructions are easier to grasp when new to the job. Replace the fat stacks of paper with a simple and friendly digital assistant who guides you through even the most difficult tasks.


Manufacturing companies often encounter seasonal workforce spikes & need to bring their new workforce up to speed fast. ARWI allows you to standardize, automate & scale the training process. Allow your workforce to learn on the job by equipping them with a digital assistant!


Relying on a large quantity of outsourced workforce means relying on a large variety of skills. Guiding employees step-by-step and customizing the instructions to their situation, leaves little room for error. Close the skill gap (& equalize outsourcing quality) by using intuitive & interactive instructions!



We focus on bringing down the learning curve for both digitalization and Mixed Reality.

Drag & Drop

Leverage existing materials and simply drag-and-drop them into interactive instructions.


Identify bottlenecks, see how updates affect performance and use this info to improve.

Interactive Instructions

Interactivity allows you to customize the instructions to conform to specific situations.

Mixed Reality

Attach real world locations to your instructions. Show what and where has to be done.

Mixed Reality2.png

What People are Saying

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Case Study

ARWI reduced time  for aircraft wheel dissassembly by 22%.

Hong Kong Maintenance 1.jpg

Smart instructions reduced process duration by 22%.

During the spring of 2018 Operose, in cooperation with Estonian Aviation Academy graduate Marit Lember, conducted a case study to better understand how Mixed Reality(MR) smart instructions can be used in a work environment. We carried out empirical tests and analyzed the results in order to build a better product for our partners.

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